Who are you?

I’m Erkin!

What are you doing?

Primarily training to be a physician-engineer. I also like cooking, eating, traveling, and coding. In addition to long walks on the beach, I also enjoy watching space documentaries


Currently at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Although Wisconsin will always have my heart - Go Badgers!!

When will you get a real job?

This is my extended family’s favorite question. Soon enough. Although my MD-PhD training technically is a job, many thanks to the NIH and US Tax Payers. I’ve been gainfully employed in the past; it was overrated.


idk. Let me know if you figure out the “why of it all.”

Why are you pursuing this training?

That I can answer. Fundamentally, we can advance human health with the power of data. I want to make a small impact by deeply understanding both medicine and engineering. If nothing else, I can serve as a bridge between them, connecting my friends and colleagues on both sides of campus.


How do you say your name?

Erkin: the stuff you breath & your family, “Air-kin”
Ötleş: missing some oats, “Oat-less” (“Oat-lesh” and “At-esh” also work)

How will you do this?

I’m still figuring it out. But I think there are four key components: learning, doing, disseminating, and connecting.

  • Learning: understand the problems and state of the art deeply (both in medicine and engineering)
  • Doing: develop solutions based on that knowledge and test them rigorously in the real world through implementation and continuous evaluation
  • Disseminating: sharing knowledge and work helps to scale impact and virtuously feeds learning and doing (I’m trying to improve on this front)
  • Connecting: new friends generate new ideas, and networks are powerful tools for accomplishing audacious goals

Are you open to consulting?

Yes. I am open to artificial intelligence, data science, and health information consulting. Have done all of that in the past. Unfortunately, I have no guarantees on time availability.