Toki the Conference Timer App

Introducing Toki a conference timer application that is the perfect companion for conference organizers and speakers!

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  • Two Timers: Seamlessly toggle between talk duration and QA session.
  • Visual Alerts: As talk time dwindles, the background color shifts from green to red, providing a clear and immediate visual cue.
  • Easy Legibility: Designed to make time easily visible for speakers from a distance.

Getting Started

  1. Download the App: Available now on the App Store.
  2. Set the Times: Input your desired times for the talk and QA session.
  3. Start the Timer: Tap to start the timer for the talk. Once the talk is over, toggle to the QA timer with just a touch.
  4. Stay Alerted: The changing background color will keep speakers informed of their remaining time.


Q: How do I toggle between the two timers?
A: Simply tap the toggle button on the top of the app screen to switch between talk and QA mode.

Q: Can I customize the color gradient?
A: Currently, the color shift is from green to red as the time elapses. I’ll consider adding customization options in future updates!

Q: Is there an Android version available?
A: At this moment, the app is exclusively available for iOS devices.


Experiencing issues? Have suggestions? I’m all ears.


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