Hello, World!

Welcome to Ötleş Notes! It’s a blog by me (Erkin Ötleş).

For a little background: I am a Medical Scientist Training Program Fellow at the University of Michigan. What does that mean in English? It means I am a very silly person who decided to go to school forever in order to study medicine (MD) and engineering (PhD in industrial and operations engineering). Generally, I am fascinated by the intersection of engineering and medicine. I strongly believe that both fields have a lot to learn from one another. While working between the two presents challenges, I am genuinely grateful to learn from wonderful mentors and colleagues in both fields.

As I come across interesting topics that pertain to medicine or engineering I’ll try to share them here along with my perspective. I won’t make any guarantees regarding posting frequency or topics. However, I will to make every effort to cite original sources and be as factual as possible.

Ultimately this is a project for myself: 1) to help strengthen my written communication skills and 2) allow me to explore a broader space of ideas. If you happen to get something out of it too in the meantime that’s a wonderful byproduct.

If you have ideas about my ideas feel free to reach out to me on twitter (@eotles) or write me an email.

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