AI in Clinical Care

I am excited to be presenting at the upcoming Stanford EM Faculty Development series on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The talk, titled “AI in Clinical Care,” is slated to be a wide ranging exploration into how AI is reshaping the landscape of clinical care.

What to Expect

  • Understanding AI in Medicine: We’ll peel back the layers of AI, machine learning, and deep learning, and how these technologies intersect with fields like operations research and statistics.
  • From Predictive to Generative AI: Discover how predictive models used for tasks like weather forecasting can inspire generative models in healthcare, predicting patient outcomes and optimizing care pathways.
  • The Clinical Application of AI: Learn about the real-world applications and challenges of non-generative AI tools, from development to implementation, and the crucial role of continuous evaluation.
  • Venturing into Generative AI: We’ll delve into the realm of generative AI, including automated documentation, chart summarization, and the potential for clinical foundation models.

Link to download presentation.

I plan on updating this post with a summary after I give the talk.

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